Sunday, January 31, 2010

Garage Sale Treasures

One of my favorite past-times is re-sale and garage sale shopping. I love sifting through interesting piles of stuff, looking for that one treasure you hope to find. Last summer, as I was garage sale shopping, I found some vintage treasures I would love to share.

I almost skipped out on this particular sale. We had been to many garage sales that day, and from far back, this one looked like one of those sales... The kind my sister and I call "the sales with used cool-whip containers". (inside joke :)

But for some reason, I got out of the van, and went up to the sale. I am so glad I did! My mom found a vintage, hand-made quilt for $5.00! And I found a "grab bag" of assorted vintage valentines, pictures and postcards for $2.00!

The picture below was in the bag. It is a picture of a little girl holding a doll. The girl is wearing a pearl necklace and a big bow in her hair. On the back of the photo, in cursive handwriting, is this inscription: "Mae E. Williams, 9 Years, 1906. To my teacher."

I was particularly excited to find this in that bag; an old postcard sent to a girl on her birthday.
I've had a very difficult time deciphering the writing on the back, but I have picked up bits and pieces of it. All I can pick out is "Leeann, Mother...... (cannot decipher a couple words here)... 8th birthday hoping you will live to see many more of them and that the Lord will give you good health.... your life....laughter.... signed, Mrs. John Mc......." I wish I knew what the rest said!

The last pictures I am going to post seem to be quite old, indeed! They are very similar in style, but I know they were not taken in the same place. On the back, it says the studio where they were taken, and although both photographs were taken in the same town, they have different studio names on the back.
It is so neat to see and hold old pictures and letters. It gives you a very personal glimpse of the past!

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  1. I LOVE old, neat things like that! I went to an antique store once and was sifting through the old pictures there...I only bought one, but I easily could have bought at least 8 of them (that is, if I had the money!!!).

    Oh yes, and I love your inside joke by the way :D