Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today I Realized 3 Things


No. 1. My wardrobe is sadly lacking in (enough) charm, taste, and so on. Sure, I have a few nice things (see two posts ago), but still.... and I call myself a history fanatic. tsk tsk. I am ashamed.

No. 2. I need a hat. But, not just any old hat, oh noooo. I need this hat. (see picture at right)

No. 3. I simply must redecorate my room. And I need new furniture like this red fainting couch. (even though I've never actually fainted before in my life.... it's good to be prepared!)

It's amazing what one trip to the mailbox can do to you. How one simple catalog can change your entire decorating bedroom's scheme. All this from a Victorian trading Co's catalog. I. love. Victorian Trading Co. And if you have never seen their catalog, well, let's just say, get ready! Go on over to their website, order a catalog, and prepare to eat your heart out.

By the way, I need this dress....

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful! You know, I used to have a hat that looked JUST LIKE that! I wonder if I still have it? I used to live in hats.
    Oh yes, that dress is GORGEOUS! And everyone needs a red fainting couch. Or a pink one would do. :) I've fainted before. It was NOT romantic in the least but it would have made it better if I could have fainted on that pretty couch. It would have soothed my injured feelings. :)