Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blog Help! Uploading A Premade Template to Your Blog

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This is part 1 in a series I will *hopefully* continue. Today, I will be talking about how to install a pre-made blogger template onto your blog.

I got my pre-made template from Our Blog Templates I used the Simple and Sweet template for my base, and then adjusted it to fit my personal taste. :) There are many, many websites which offer pre-made templates. You can do a google search on it, however, I advise you be selective in your template downloading. Not all sites are as nice as they appear. lol I just want to make sure nobody gets a computor virus. They are almost as aweful as real viruses. :)

Here is how to install pre-made templates in 8 easy steps.

I am using a template from called Cookiez.

1. Go to the webpage with the template you like, and find the "download template" button. Click it.

2. Save the file onto your computor.

3. Open up your documents, and find the file which was just saved onto your computer. It will be in a folder like anything else, however it will have a zipper on it.

4. Open the folder (double click on it) and then click on the next folder you find inside. Just click the interior folder once. To the left you will see a small menu with options appear. Click "Extract All Files".

5. An "Extraction Wizard" will open up, and guidde you through the process. Save your extracted files somewhere you will be able to find them!

6. Now, go to your "Layout" page on your blogspot account. Go to "Edit HTML".

7. Do you see an area that says "Upload a template from a file on your hard drive"? Click "browse" next to that, find your file, and upload!

8. Save your new template!

***For those of you who enjoy cluttering up your sidebar with tons of knick-knacks and gadgets: Changing your template in this way will delete ALL of your widgets! So make sure you are prepared to lose your little sidebar treasures. However, you can add them again later!

Voila! You have a new, designer template. That wasn't so hard now, was it?

You can see the finished result on my sister's blog. Go Here!

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  1. Hey Allison...
    I'm a newbie blogger, can you tell me what software do you use to design your premade template? And can you how us how you do it??