Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An Old-Fashioned Washboard ♥

Easter Sunday dawned bright and beautiful. The day was bright and warm, and a cool breeze blew over us as we went to church that morning.

After church, my dad wanted to change his shirt before going to our Aunt's house for lunch, but *gasp* he had no clean shirts! (Remember a few posts back when I mentioned we have not had a washing machine for the past month???) So, my dear sister Hannah whipped out the old washboard and some soap, and began scrubbing away-- Pioneer style.

We purchased our washboard from Lehman's Harware in Kidron, OH (close to Holmes County). If you have never been there, you are missing out! They sell brand-new, working tools and such that are replicas of old-fashioned things. But, as I said, they are fully working and functional!

She sets about her work vigorously;
her arms are strong for her tasks.

Proverbs 31: 17

I look up to my sister, because she is always such a hard worker! I always joke and say how she should be the oldest. There is a lot I could learn from her. ♥

On a different note, is anyone going to the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio this weekend? I am going with my mom. It should be a lot of fun! They have over 250 speaking sessions. I am especially excited to hear Doug Phillips from Vision Forum and to go see Tim Hawkens, the comedian! This is sure to be an exciting week!

I hope everyone's Spring is going really well! It is so beautiful around here!


  1. Lucky!!! I would love to see Tim Hawkins!! He is so funny. Have a good time.

  2. Haha! So is that how you've been washing all your clothes for the pass month!? :) What a nice thing to say about your sister! <3

    We're going to MACHE (stands for Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators)! Actually, we're working the keynote speakers booth! Very exciting! A few days ago we all were for sure that we weren't going, and then the next day, we get a call saying that they could use someone to work their booth! I hope your enjoying your time there, our's is next week (and of course chick day is just three days before that - we're getting five chicks, that mean old fox has been around way to much).

    Thanks for explaining the followers,I thought that's what it was. LOL I could have fell for it! But I had to find out what it was all about first!

    Ok, got to go! Volunteering at the nursing home this morning.

    Love, Amber

  3. Hello there! I hope you enjoyed the convention this year, I know I did! Did you get to hear Tim Hawkins like you were hoping? My family went and really enjoyed him. :) He has been a favorite of ours for some time now. Just thought I'd drop by! :)

  4. That is so neat to wash your clothes like that! I read about a lady who always did her laundry with a washboard, and she recommended a glass one, because when you do *all* you laundry on it, you wear out the metal ones pretty quickly. So anyways, anytime I'm at an antique store and see a glass one I always think of that :D

    Looks like fun!