Saturday, May 22, 2010

Animals of Holmes County

I think this will be my last "Holmes County Pictures" post. Last time I posted "Signs of Holmes County". This post will be "Animals of Holmes County".

Of course, when you are in Amish country, you are bound to see a lot of animals. What a serene, pleasant sight it is to see sheep grazing on a hillside, or cows munching grass in a field. Most animal's stand by their Amish owner's conviction and ignore us as we snap pictures of them. But this particular cow stood and posed for us!


Now here is a sweet sight! A foal with it's mother.

Back at the ranch, we had some unlikely visitors... a pair of goats! The Ranch had just gotten them that day, and the two broke out of their enclosure! They followed us to the guest house where we were staying. The little rascals began to munch at the house's landscaping!


Uh huh. Don't try and look all innocent!


The goats stayed in the front yard until after dark. They bleated at the door to the guest house, and every time we tried to open it, they would butt their heads in and try to come inside!

Finally, they were taken back to their *more secure* pen.

It's time to say goodbye to Holmes County! I miss it!!!

Amish Buggy


  1. OMW!!!!! Those goat pictures are great!


  2. Great pictures! I really liked the one of the "posing" cow! =D


  3. Great pictures! Goats have SUCH personalities! ha ha!


  4. Oh, what splendid photos! That cow is my favorite. I wish there were more pics to look at now!