Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For the Beauty... of my new Youtube account!

I just got a Youtube account, and I am so excited to share my first upload with you all! I am so excited to begin using it to upload movies to my blog!

This is a video of me playing an arrangement of "For the Beauty of the Earth" on the piano. I played this for my homeschool group's showcase night last Tuesday. It was a difficult piece, but I worked very hard on it and practiced it rather obsessively. Now, I can nearly play it from memory!

I got the sheet music for free HERE. (If you click on the link, it will take you right to a pdf of the music) Enjoy!


  1. Oh, Allison! How beautiful. Simply wonderful piano playing! I think that I could let that song play all day on my computer. So good!

    ~ Tarissa

  2. Allison,
    It is just wonderful to hear your music playing. I love it!


  3. That was so beautiful! I love that arrangement. I think I've heard it before but I'm not sure where...

    You have a very graceful touch Allison.


  4. Ooh! Thanks for the link! I just printed it off.