Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

Today is my dear sister Hannah's 13th birthday!

13 years ago today, I became a big sister for the first time to little Hannah Rebekah. Over the years, we have been close since we are only 3 years apart.

Hannah is such a lovely young lady, and even though she is younger than me, I look up to her in many ways. She is outgoing, and strives to be a godly homemaker. (She can make the most fabulous Peanut Butter Cookies!)

And she is my very best friend.

Happy Birthday, Hannah! Love, Allison ♥

**you can wish her a happy birthday over at her blog, too!**

[blog captions: Above, Left- I'm holding Hannah for the first time on her actual birth-date! Right- Hannah being silly! Below- Hannah and I are still fast friends!]



  1. Baby Hannah looks rather like Lucas when you first brought him home, doesn't she?


  2. Thanks for that nice post about me!


  3. I just wished her a 'Happy Birthday'. So glad that you two are the best of friends! Hannah and you remind me of me and my sisters :).


  4. Happy birthday, Hannah! you two are lovely girls. :) May your friendship continue to Grow through Christ!

    Thanks for following me, Allison.. How did you find me?

    In Christ Alone,