Sunday, May 30, 2010

Run on over...

and enter a giveaway by Fresh Modesty to win a E-book on how to design and sew your own custom and super-duper cute modest swimsuits!!!

I, personally, love to be modest but look great at the same time-- it is so hard to find a swimsuit to match that criteria! Either they look like a gigantic black garbage bag, or they tend to be low cut in the front or back, and rather revealing. These swimsuits seem to be the best of both worlds-- cute and modest.

The pattern comes with many different options for construction. Here is what it says on the website:
  • Support system: Usually bust support is built in to the bodice of the swimsuit. I much prefer to have it separate so that it is more comfortable and adjustable.
  • Shirt: Sleeves or no sleeves, gathered bodice, contrasting band, sash, different necklines, and many more options are laid out.
  • Skirt: The easiest and most flattering is a circle skirt, but I also tell how to create 3 other styles.
  • Shorts: Create a pattern for the shorts from your own measurements. Length is completely up to you. Underwear-type lining included for comfort.

If you like, you can even sew the skirt and shorts together so that it is still an easy design but you'll have one less piece to keep track of. :D All in all, this eBook shows just how simple creating your own swimsuit- in any style, length, color, and size- can be!

Now how adorable would that be at the pool or beach?? I esp. love the shorts underneath and the puffed sleeves... so cute!

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