Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Showcase night 2010

Every year, my home~school group has an event called "Showcase Night". It is a bit like a talent show; various kids do acts and showcase their talents! This year, we had many kids recite Bible verses, and one kid juggled. My best friend, Erin, and I decided to sing "Seek Ye First", and Erin's mother kindly recorded it for us. Enjoy the video! (our singing gets better by the end, believe me.)

**By the way, my computer is up and running again! Yippee!**


  1. Hi. I loved the video!! You and Erin sound great together. Awesome job!

    I just found your new blog. I love it!

    ~Tabby ♥♫

  2. The song is absolutely beautiful. You guys did such a great job. You should post more singing. Great video!