Saturday, June 12, 2010

Anne Of Green Gables-- Who are You?

Who are you in Anne's circle of friends?

So, I took this quiz... and apparently I am most like Josie Pye??? Hmmm..... not quite what I was hoping for. (It says I am good at pointing out my friend's faults, and I am outspoken. I am not!!!! well.....maybe.......)

Take the quiz and leave me a comment about who you get!

(My friend Erin got Anne Shirley! lucky.....)

I did another quiz, this one with Pride and Prejudice as the theme, and I got Jane Bennett.
Now that's more like it.

Which Pride and Prejudice Character are you?
Jane Bennet Jane is admired for her beauty as well as her character. She is sweet, shy and sensible, but not particularly witty. Her most notable trait is a desire to see only good in others.
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  1. I'm Diana Barry!
    "You are Diana Barry! Loyal and loving, your friendship is a true and precious gift."
    Hm, sounds like me...

    And I'm Elizabeth Bennet.
    "Elizabeth is intelligent, lively, attractive and witty. She does, however, have faults-- chiefly, a tendency to judge on first impressions and believe hear-say."
    I'm only a bit like that.

  2. I was Anne, but I TOTALLY disagree! I'm not that outgoing. I think I'm more like Jane Andrews.

    I was also Jane, which I agree with. =D

  3. I got Jane Bennet and Jane Andrews. What is it about that Jane name :D?


  4. I got Jane Andrews and Mary Bennet. I with that i would have gotten Jane Bennet and Diana Barry.

    -Hannah Rebekah

  5. That was fun! And from what I've read of your blog... you are NOT Josie! :)

    I turned out to be Diana Barry and Jane Bennet. I am kinda like Diana. Always getting dragged around with the more outgoing friends and loving it. :) Ha ha!