Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Come Check It Out!

My Blog Header is up-and-running! Hooray!
I love my new design sooo much.

Me and my new blog design--we're tight. like bread and butter. Like P, B, and J. Like Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. (I had to throw that one in.)
Ooh! Ooh! And did you notice moi (there's that french again!) new "about me" pic to thine right??? Yup.

I just love it. and that's all. ♥

(By the way, isn't this a cute picture I snagged off of google?) ------------->>


  1. It looks great! I love it.


  2. Love the header! It fits your blog just right. I like your 'about me' pic too. How did you get the border?


  3. Perfect header! Great job, Allison!


  4. Gasp! I love every single new thing.

    I <3 LOVE <3 the header. *squeals in delight of its awesomeness*

    I <3 LOVE <3 your "about me" pic. It has a vintage look to it, very pretty!

    And also...yes, I did enjoy that little image you pulled off google. Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition. Very original idea. :)

    Au revoir!

    ~ Tarissa

  5. I love your header! That is just so farmgirl-ish and you know how we like farmgirl things :D So pretty!


  6. I love your new header! It really fitting:D