Monday, June 7, 2010

Update, Photos, Piano, and French....

**The following contains words in French. I do not personally know or speak french-- I just know how to operate that vast ocean of knowledge- Translations provided for the non-french at the bottom**

The blog is almost done! All it is missing is the header!

I got the bloggie "body" from a most fabuleux website : Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates !
You can get a custom-made blog for a little espèces, but there are also a-d-r-a-b-l-e blog templates for libre! Jeter un regard!!!

****Now switching topics at an alarmingly rapid rate****

Here are a few pictures I felt like sharing with you all.

The first one my little 7-year-old sister took of moi. I thought it turned out great! I photoshopped it a bit to get a more defined silhouette. Great job, Heidi!


Here is a picture I took of my ever-lovely piano-forte (forte is Italian, BTW. Sorry for switching languages on you all!) This piano was given to us by my Great-Grandma. It came with a bench chock-full of music, including grades 1-3 of the "John Thompson Piano Course", which I use. I am now on book 3. The books belonged to a relative of mine who worked through them in the 1960's! You can certainly see the 60's influence in the selection of other sheet music found in the bench. (Can you say "The Beetles' Songbook"???)


I have been playing piano for almost 6 years now, but I haven't had lessons for that long. I have been taking actual lessons for 3-ish to 4-ish years, and I've had 4 teachers. When I first started, I hated piano! I can remember literally weeping and begging my mother to let me quit. I remember one day in particular... I was probably 10 or 11 years old. It was another one of those weeping "Oh My word--I just can't possibly ever get this down--my teacher is insane-- why why WHY???" days. I finally decided I had had ENOUGH! I told this to my mother expecting the same response that she always gave me-

"Too bad. Get your weeping self down to your musical instrument and play until you got it. And don't get any tears on the piano."

But that wasn't what she said. Instead, she replied in the calmest of voices...

"O.k. Allison. If you really want to quit piano, you may."

I stumbled down the stairs in jubilation. Finally! NO MORE PIANO! I felt free! Free! FREE!!!!

But then, something stopped me in my tracks. The piano sat where it had been the whole time. I could still see the evidence of my frustrated practice session in the Piano book strewn on the floor. It all seemed very quiet for a moment.

And then, something inside me changed.

Quietly, I walked over and picked up the book, sat down, and for the hundredth time played the song. And I didn't quit.♥

I am so thankful for that day, and I believe God changed my heart towards piano. Why else would a frustrated, worn-out me so suddenly change my mind towards piano? I wouldn't!

It takes a lot of hard work to play a musical instrument. So many people take lessons when they are young, and then quit before it truly becomes rewarding, and now they regret it. I am thankful for my mom and dad who pay for my lessons, and for my mom who constantly pushes me to do hard things. (♥Thanks for making me do those octaves on "For The Beauty of the Earth" mom-- even when my piano teacher gave me an easier way!)

For those of you who play musical instruments-- keep at it! Although it may not seem like it now, it WILL pay off, and it will be a major blessing!

Speaking of which... I've got practicing to do!

Avoir une belle journée!

fabuleux - Fabulous
espèces - Money
libre - Free
Jeter un regard - Take a look!
moi - me
Avoir une belle journée! - Have a lovely day!!!

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  1. your blog is looking good so far! im new at blogging too. :) those pictures are lovely! very cool. :)