Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vacation Bible School

This past week was our Egypt/Joseph-Themed VBS at church. It was a really great time! My mom and dad volunteered as team leaders, and my sister Hannah and I were teen helpers. My dad's team was "Asyut", my sister's team was "Memphis", and my mom and I co-taught team "Pithom".

Every day started with a time of singing in the Sanctuary. We sang old favorites such as "Blessed Be Your Name" (that was everyone's favorite!!) and some new songs too. Then, everyone divided into their separate groups for some Bible time.

Blessed be the name of the Lord, Blessed Be your name! You give and take away...

Now it was time to go visit "Joseph", portrayed by a talented member of my youth group. :) Every day he did a short monologue about Joseph's life in Egypt, beginning with his time in prison. Ironically, our teen room was decked out as the prison. (You'd understand why if you ever went into the room.) On the second day, we found Joseph in the Sanctuary/Egyptian Palace, interpreting Pharaoh's dreams. On the last day, "Joseph" was so happy about how God had worked in his life, and his family coming to Egypt, that he decided to "call in the royal dance instructor", and do a group dance which involved A LOT of spinning in circles.

"Joseph", the kids in my group, and I pose in the "Palace"

"Joseph" talking to the kids in my sister's group.

Another picture of the kids and Joseph, this time with the "Palace Guard".

Dancing! Everyone had to hold hands and go around in a circle. It was... dizzying...

After that, our team would go to "God Sightings". We would write on a paper all the ways we had seen God at work, and taped it to the back wall.

Then it was time for games! We played many different games. One of the most memorable was when we wrapped a girl from our team up in Toilet Paper to make a "mummy". We also played Tug-Of-War-- boys against girls (my mom and I against my dad and his boy-teen helper. Naturally, the girls won. :] )

Games in front of the church.

After games, it was time for something called the "Marketplace". Our Fellowship Hall was decked out as an Egyptian Marketplace. The kids got three fake coins each day. They could go pet animals, buy something from the pretend store, or get face painting. (Or arm paintings. :] )




Yes, You could hold real snakes. Yes, My sister is brave. No, I did not hold one. No, I am not brave.

Then it was craft time! That was a lot of fun! One of my favorite crafts was decorating the Egyptian Mummy Sarcophagus.

This is the Asst. Craft Leader. He is "Joseph's" Real-life brother. :]

After that, it was time for a closing Bible lesson, and some more songs. We all had a really great time, and I think I want to volunteer again next year!


Now I'm going to talk about my costume! Being the little actress that I am, I simply could not pass up the opportunity to dress up all week long! My costume base consisted of a tan linen skirt and a white T-shirt. I wore a hemmed piece of white fabric over it, safety pinned to the tan skirt. I added a belt and a acrylic felt collar which I decorated with gold string. I also made my sister's collar, which you can see in the picture above. (she is the one on the right)

And of course, the extreme eyeliner, which, despite my persistence with the make-up remover, has yet to fully be removed.



Last but not least, here is a video slide-show that was shown of Friday night. Somehow, my sister and I made it in the very first picture... hmmm... :]

***To those of you who attended this VBS***

PITHOM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


I will now say the Pithom Cheer.

*clap, clap, clap, clap.... etc...*

In the Land of Ancient Egypt
Where the Nile River flows,
God is giving Pithom
Faith and Trust and Hope!

GO PITHOM!!!!!!!


  1. Very great post, except GO MEMPHIS. I had to put that in :0)


  2. Oh. My. WORD!!!!! I can't BELIEVE he shaved his head!!!!

    But, moving on, your eye makeup is GREAT!!! i just love it! I just hope you managed to get most of it off before going to church on Sunday! Wouldn't that be funny looking if you showed up Sunday morning looking like a raccoon!

    I love the costume, too! Your mom sure whips up pretty great last-minute costumes, especially considering they day before VBS started. I can't believe Hannah didn't dress up! I thought for sure she would take every opportunity to go about in costume, and have it be alright.

    Well, you look like you had a great time!!!! I can hardly wait for next year, so I can hear stories and see pictures!