Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happiness is....

*Somebody hasn't been posting in forever.... I'm not going to mention names, but she is about 5'4", has brown hair, blue eyes, and her name starts with an "A", ends with a "N", and has a "lliso" in the middle. She has no good excuses, except lack of inspiration. and laziness. and the fact that she has been studying all week for her written driving test that she will probably be taking on Friday. *so happy about that!**
Happiness Is...

Sooo... yes. I found this little linky~taggy~thingy on Pastor's Girl's Ponderings, and I thought it would be fun to try out. FINALLY something semi~interesting to post about!
I am supposed to post about two things that make me happy. hmmm.....

No. 1 Friends ~ I am not a person that makes friends easily at all. I think I do not come across as very nice (even though inside I am perfectly nice and happy and I really do want to get to know people!!!) and I am a very quiet person. But when I am around friends... mmm... those are some of my happiest times! When I feel comfortable enough to actually talk to people and laugh, that is when I am so happy. Because then I know I have jumped out of my comfort zone and done something that was really hard for me, and because I usually have such a good time. Friends make me really happy.

No. 2 God~ Seriously. I love God. I am always my absolute happiest when I am learning about God and he is speaking to me. I must admit, I am not the strong~est, best~est (yes, that is a word...) Christian. Not by a looonnnnggg shot. But when I am really learning about God and listening to him and living my life the way He wants me too.... you can't beat it. That is happiness!!! **by the way, that is why I think a good solid church and a lifestyle that is centered around God and His word is sooo crucial. My church is so important to me! A good church and a family that is devoted to God is irreplaceable and invaluable!**

Now I'm gonna go watch "So You Think You Can Dance". Have a wonderful, happy week!!!


  1. Thanks for joining in!
    Friends and God make me happy too :)

  2. I really like your header, and your posts!

  3. Friends & God make me happy too. = )
    Just happened upon your blog and thought I'd say hi!