Saturday, July 10, 2010

I ♥....

Some things I'm really, really ing and wishing for right now.

The BBC Emma Soundtrack
I have many of the songs from this soundtrack on my blog player (see my sidebar), and it is my current favorite! The songs are so beautiful and for the most part echo the fun, upbeat themes found in the super-fabulous BBC miniseries itself. I am especially in love with the songs "The Ship's Cook" (fabulous for dancing!) and "The Last Dance". (Am I seeing a pattern here??)

Apples to Apple Bible Edition
I have mentioned my serious obsession with the regular version of this game before, so is it really any wonder that I should wish for the Bible edition?? The only problem with this game is you have to be careful who you play it with. I can just imagine certain friends of mine yelling out 'THAT IS SOOOOOO THEOLOGICALLY INCORRECT!!!!!!". But still. :)


I have been good about not talking about Anthro in every blog post, haven't I? So now you can't make fun of me for saying I MUST HAVE AN ANTHROPOLOGIE GIFT CARD!!!!! Anyone have one of these with money on it that they were just going to throw away???? I'll take it! :) Oh, and I kind of love this sweater [look to your left] and the polka dotted dress [right] . And while we're at it, how about some black and white wedge heels to top it off? I'm really into heels right now because at 5'4" I feel short all of the time, and heels remedy that. *wink*

*just a side note on Anthropologie... Whenever you look at an item, to the right of the screen it shows 4 other articles of anthro-fabulous clothing, and above the pictures it says "You May Also Like..." I find this quite funny. CH'ya! Come now, let's just be honest and change that "You MAY LIKE" to "You WILL LOVE"!!!*

Blogs I am really ing....

Ashley at Bramblewood Fashion just got a new blog design! How cool is that??

Elaine at Clothes Much - This girl has got some really cuuteee outfits!

Tea With the Vintage Baroness - This lady has got a closet full of 1930's clothes. How cool is that?

Leeann at Elle Apparel - I just started following her blog today! :)

Atlanta at Story of a Seamstress - This is a favorite of mine. And this girl can sew! She puts me to shame. lol

A Book I'm Currently reading...

Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations By Alex and Brett Harris
I don't advise this book if you enjoy being comfortable while you read... Don't you just love and hate it when you are reading and you keep saying "Wow, they are describing me right now". That's how this book is.

An Opera Song I am ing

Well, of course my all-time favorite opera song...O Mio Babbino Caro, sung by Hayley Westenra. She is an excellant singer.

This is a little-known fact about me... but I've always wanted to learn to sing opera. Seriously.

A Dance I am TRYING to learn....
A Gothic Civil War Dance (hey, I didn't name it...)

So, voila. I hope you enjoyed!


  1. You love a lot of things... which I love about you! Have a nice day...


  2. I see you love vintage...have you checked out ? They are a little cheaper too! I love your site and I love that you are homeschooled and seem to be a strong young lady! I homeschool my young girls and I hope they follow a Godly path like You! Keep up the great work and inspiration you send! Oh, I love the Emma soundtrack..thanks!