Friday, August 13, 2010

Church Picnic

H ey! This is pretty cool! I just found this website which has free, pretty capitol letters for the beginning of your blog posts. Have fun!

Today we had our church picnic. It was fun, but h-o-t. I have not sweated like that since I went to summer camp in an un-air-conditioned church bus with 15 other people in 90+ degree weather...long story.

My sisters on the slides

Friends picnicking....

Anyhow, My sisters and I held out own athletic competition on the playground equipment. You had to run from one side to the other, braving steep climbs, tall slides, those zipline wannabees, and those platforms that are suspended from a bar which move when you try and walk on them. It was grueling, but I won almost every time... not because of my speed, astounding strength or brute force however, but because my sister failed to "sit on the benches at the top of that mushroom thingy" every time. She would get there first, and then I would come gasping and out of breath, and stumble over to the bench and sit down, declaring myself the winner. "But I got here first!" she would protest. Ah, but young grasshopper, you must learn when to sit. *read that in a Asian wise-person accent*

Hard-core Volleyball players

We also "played volleyball" (ha.), ate food ( well, actually, I didn't eat. Heat makes me loose my appetite. so do hamburgers from Gordon's Food Service. I'm just sayin'... ) and all the other stuff you generally do at a picnic. and we drank water. lots and lots of water.

My sisters on the gorilla statue at the entrance to the park... No, I have no idea why they have a gorilla statue.

Did any of you have an eventful Saturday?

On the balance beam/teeter totter hybrid


  1. Your Saturday sounds great! My family had a lovely one too... we visited an animal sanctuary and got to feed and pet wild critters to our heart's content.... ahh..

    By the way, I love that website you found with the capital letters! I bookmarked the site so that I'll remember to use it sometime.

  2. The picnic sounds great! My Saturday was uneventful as we spent it doing electrical work on our house, but on Friday we went to see Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan! :D