Monday, August 9, 2010


A picture I really love and wanted to share....

[Young Woman Learning to Sew - 1936]

Which Reminds me... here are some tutorials and bloggers who are learning new things and being creative too!!!

♥Rag Curls For Long Hair Tutorial - By Rapunzel's Resource
I have to try this!

♥I Heart Faces Entry - Sereina's Photography
I love this picture! It is so funny! Very creative!!!

♥Story of a Seamstress
This girl just amazes me. :)

♥Simply Handmade by Paige
She often posts interesting tutorials. Check it out!

There is always some sort of tutorial or inspiring post going on at UCreate!

♥"One Day More" Les Miserables Video Spoof - Sewing in the Past
This was hilarious!

Enjoy and be inspired!

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  1. I love that photo! Great links and thanks for sharing mine. You spelled my name wrong, though... ;-)