Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I've got Apples to Apples fever!

(WARNING: The following post is written by an Apples to Apples-aholic and will contain somewhat useless information, unless of course you happen to be an A2Aholic as well. In that case, read on.) APPLES TO APPLES:

Get out your Apples to Apples game, and get ready, because at the end of this post, you can participate in a virtual Apples to Apples round!

My friends stayed the night on Sunday night, and, as we pulled out the Apples to Apples box yet again, we dubbed the time as "the official meeting for Apples To Apples-aholics Anonymous". I believe ours is the First Established A.2.A.A. Group, however you may feel free to start up your own division in your area, as needed.

Yesterday we were in Target, and I found out that there are quite a few versions of Apples to Apples (which has been referred to as "The best game ever"... by me, at least...) which I do not own. So, I have become a self-proclaimed Apples to Apples Collector. I'm on my way, currently owning the Party Edition and Bible Edition. Which caused me to wonder... how many Apples to Apples versions are there anyway??? I looked to the ever-knowledgeable Wikipedia for the answer....

Apples to Apples comes in the following versions:
(I own the ones highlighted in Red)

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* Party Box
* Party Crate

* Party Box Expansion One
* Party Box Expansion Two
* Junior
* Kids
* Yiddish Edition
* Disney Edition
* Bible Edition
* Jewish Edition
* Junior Jewish Edition
* German Edition
* British Isles Edition
* Spanish edition (Manzanas con manzanas)
* Apples to Apples To Go
*Apples to Apples Mod Edition

I want to get the "Mod Edition" next. I have only seen it one place, and that is Target. I even google searched it, and I couldn't find it! Hmmm...
It is a very portable version, and it is unique because there are no green cards! Instead, there is a green dice with letters on it. You roll the dice and think of an adjective that starts with the letter you rolled. How fun does that sound?

I have compiled a list of my own unofficial rules for successful Apples to Apples playing every time. They are just bits of common Apple sense that are often overlooked....

Apples to Apples: Rules for Successful Playing

No. 1 - Limit the Number of Players. I know it says on the box "4-11 Players", but as a general rule of thumb the more players you have, the less fun it is. It just takes way to long if you have tons of people playing. Try groups around 6 players for maximum fun.

No. 2 - Talk Out Your Red Cards. 80% of the fun of this game is hearing the other players try and tell you why "Amputations" are Inspirational. Please, for the sake of fun, let people talk about their red cards!!! (and just to let you know, after a rather interesting game of Apples to Apples with my Youth Group, I did indeed learn why Amputations are Inspirational.)

No. 3 - Don't be too literal. Funny, ironic, or opposite almost always trump the obvious.

No. 4 - Don't play too long. Even I get tired of the game after awhile. Stop playing before the apples turn sour. The more players you have, the less green cards you should play up to. on Apples to Apples
via wikipedia

*Apple Potpourri: Each player selects a red apple card from his or her hand before the judge turns over the green apple card. After the red apple cards are played, the judge turns over a green apple card. The judge selects the winning red card as usual.

* Apple Traders: To stir things up, on each turn, each player selects one red apple card from his or her hand to pass on to the player on his or her left. Players pass the cards after drawing their seventh card but before the judge selects a green apple card.

* Apple Turnovers: The roles of red and green cards are reversed, with players using adjectives to describe the given noun. This can be stymied by the relatively low number of green cards in the box (a third as many as reds).

* Apples Eye View: The Judge must pick a red apple card based upon the point of view of somebody, or something else (a house cat, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Clinton, a speck of dust, etc). The player to the left of the Judge determines which point of view the Judge must use for that round.

* Baked Apples: After each player plays one card, the judge lays them face up and, instead of announcing the winner, identifies the non-winning cards first, each time explaining why it was not selected. The role of judge passes on to the winner of each round.

* Big Apples: Two or more players boasting that the judge will pick their card can agree to each wager one of their green apple cards. If the judge selects one of their red apple cards, that player wins the green apple card and all of the wagered green apple cards. If the judge does not pick one of their red apple cards, the wagered cards are forfeited to the bottom of the card stack.

* Crab Apples: The red apple cards are judged on how unlike they are to the green apple card. The card least like the green apple card wins.

* 2 for 1 Apples: The judge turns over two green apple cards to start the round. Each player selects the red apple card from his or her hand that is best described by both green apple cards. After the judge selects a red apple card, both of the green apple cards are awarded to the winner.

* Infinite Apples: Rather than playing to a set number of green apple cards, play stops whenever the players feel like stopping. The winner is the one with the greatest quantity of green apple cards.

* Apple Timers: Rather than playing to a set number of green apple cards, play stops when a certain time limit has been reached. This is sometimes coupled with time limits on each round, for both submissions and judging of red apple cards. The winner is the player with the most green apple cards.

Alright, now last but not least, Our Virtual Apples to Apples game!!!

If, for any reason you do not know how to play the game, you can go here to read over the rules.

For my virtual round, tell me in a comment your "red card" entry. You may deal yourself 7 red cards out of your own box at home and pick from one of these, or just make one up. I will choose the winner of the round on Thursday, and the winner will receive a badge for their blog sidebar!
Have fun!

The Green Card is.....


  1. Allison,
    You know that I love this game, but you really are obsessed with apples to apples.LOL! I never thought that you would post about! Lol again!

    ~Hannah Rebekah
    My red card is....Barns! This is fun!

  2. APPLES TO APPLES ROCKS!!!!!!! I am an official member of the A2AA group, thank you very much. The problem is, I don't want to get better.

    I don't have an apples to apples game, so I am going to make up a card.

    Hmmmm, let's see, how about....Jane Austen

  3. I don't have my game with me, but I will make one up.

    Cary Grant.
    There is no one more distinguished than Cary Grant.

    Seriously, as soon as I read the word "distinguished", his name immediately popped into my head. lol

  4. My red card was... Cat.

    I like Apples to Apples too!

    Abby ;D