Thursday, August 12, 2010

Of Skittles and Bugs...The Car and Insect Variety

I was tagged by my sister Hannah. Thanks Hannah!

1. Sunny or Rainy?
Rainy! I love rain!

2. Sweet or Sour?
Sweet for sure! But I like sweet and sour mixed together (like Sour Skittles... mmmmm...)
3. Who is your favorite writer?
That is a hard one! I guess I would say E. Nesbit. "The Story of the Treasure Seekers" was such a cute book!

4.When was the last time you ate breakfast food for dinner?
I'm not sure. Sometimes my mom will make us eggs or waffles or pancakes for dinner.

5. Which is the most annoying, mosquitoes or flies?
Mosquitoes, although I cannot abide either of them.
6. Sewing or Knitting?
Sewing. I've tried knitting many times, but I just can't get into it!

7. The beach or the mountains?
Beach, although I have never seen mountains, so I can't really choose. It would be neat to see mountains!

8. Would you rather shop at the thrift store or a brand name store?
Thrift store... But I love to find brand-name clothing at the thrift store! lol

9. Broccoli or chocolate?
Chocolate for sure!

10. Did you do this tag right when you saw it, or a couple days after?
Right away!

11. Emma or North and South?
It depends what mood I'm in.

12. Do you like winter,summer,spring or fall?
Fall and Spring!

13. What is your dream car like?
Something cute and vintage-y... wouldn't it be cool to have a car that looked like "Herbie"? (From the Herbie movies? See picture #3)

14. What is your favorite month?
August.. because my birthday is August 21st!!!

15. What is your favorite time of the day?
Night. (Is that considered part of the day?)

16. Are you a night owl or morning bird?
Night Owl, although I get up at a reasonable time every morning. lol

17. How old are you?
15.. (BUT not for long!!! hee hee)

18. How many songs do you have on your MP3 player or iPod? (If you have one...)
My MP3 player doesn't work anymore, sadly. But I have 28 songs on my online playlist.

19. How much time have you wasted doing this tag?
To much time.

20. Are you addicted to notebooks?
ummmm... I don't think so.

Rules: Answer the questions, then make up 10 of your own and tag (put your number here) more people.
My Questions:

1. When is your half birthday? (You know, when you turn _____ and a 1/2 years old)
2. Have you ever traveled overseas?
3. How many pets do you own?
4. Do you like sour skittles?
5. What do you think of the movies/books "Twilight"?
6. Before this post, when was the last time you posted on your blog?
7. How many friends do you have?
8. What type of church do you go to, if any?
9. What is your favorite song?
10. Do you play any musical instruments?

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