Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Modest Issue {Suggestions Requested!!}
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I would like to hear from all of my skirts and dresses only readers about a certain issue I am facing.

I have been dresses/skirts only for a couple of years now, and I really love it, for modesty's sake and for pretty-ness' sake!! But I find that in some instances it would actually be more modest to wear jeans/pants. Take today for example. We had our church harvest fest, and they had a moon bounce. Every time I fell on the moon bounce (because, it's honestly impossible to stay upright on a moon bounce!!!) I risked my skirt flying up immodestly. And then I wasn't able to go on the rock climbing wall, because you have to wear pants to do it! Another instance is when I am exercising or running around playing outdoor games. It is at these times when I wish I was wearing pants!

So I have a question.

What should I do?

I'm not going to start wearing pants--at least not by themselves. Does anyone have any pictures of cute outfits that have skirts or dresses layered over jeans or jeggings?

How do you handle situations such as the above? How do you stay modest, and still have fun? Suggestions are needed!!!

Sweater Dress from Forever 21

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{Would these look nice with jeans under them?}

I like this look from AE Outfitters {the middle one}....maybe with some jeans or pants underneath???


  1. Hey Allison! I'm hosting a giveaway today, so head on over and enter before it closes at midnight!

  2. Usually the only time I wear jeans is around my brothers when we are hunting, riding horses, etc. Seems like I'm not often in a situation where I have to choose pants over skirts for public wear. I have also seen some lovely (very easy to sew) split skirt or cullotte styles. That might be an option for some situations.

    If there really is a situation where you need to wear jeans to be safe - I would'nt stress out about it. :^) Just make sure the jeans aren't too tight - and have fun!

  3. I'd say Jeggings are your best bet. They ar basically denim leggings. They have the feel and stitching of real jeans, but they have the flexibility of leggings. They are good for under shorter(like, to the knee) skirts and dresses. I think another option is to just wear shorts or something under your skirts and dresses, just in case. And in the upcoming chill, it will keep you warmer as well.

    For certain activities, such as exercising, I think it's best if you just wear pants, like, sweat pants, or something. No one is going to see you, and you'll be exercising anyway, so you're not at your prettiest then. Trust me, I know.

  4. I think these outfits are really cute. Dresses over jeans:

    I always wear leggings under my skirts. It's so much more comfortable. It's cute too! :)

    Like this one:


  5. My opinion on leggings is this: only wear leggings with a skirt that you would feel modest wearing without leggings. Leggings are basically just changing the color of your skin, so I don't think that they actually make anything more modest. They do make outfits warmer though. =)
    Hope this helps!

    Sister in Christ,
    Emily Grace

    P.S. I often go back to look at the Modesty Survey by the Rebelution because I've found it really helpful.

  6. Well, my advice probably isn't what you want to hear, but if I can't do something modestly in a skirt, I just don't do it. Sure, there are some things that would be fun to do, but is it really that hard to give them up? Most of the time I find I can do activities in a skirt if I am careful and self-conscious about it. Otherwise, I just say no (and that very rarely happens). I have enough other fun in my life, so it's not like I am majorly missing out. And as far as being a lady is concerned, most, if not all, activities that absolutely *can not* be done in pants are not the most ladylike activities either. :)

    If you're still worried about it though, I would say wearing shorts under your skirt would be your best bet. But still try to keep them from being seen, at all costs.