Sunday, September 19, 2010


I was tagged by Hannah from Hannah's Corner

#1 As far as books go, do you like historical-fiction, or fantasy best? Historical Fiction, for sure.

#2 What's your favorite color? This answer is a bit capricious, but I always love pink!

#3. Do you like the country, or do you like the city? I like parts of both!

#4. What color is your tooth-brush? Pink and White!

#5. Who do you think is the best character in, "The Chronicles of Narnia" series? I don't really like Narnia that much, but I would have to say Lucy is my favorite.

#6. Do you like Summer, or Winter? Winter... I don't like hot weather!

#7. Do you like the library, or would you rather be shopping? Library! I love getting stuff free! lol

#8. Do you have a friend who's first name starts with either, E, F, J, O, Q, U, W, X, Y, Z? I have 3 - Erin, Elisabeth & Julia

#9. Do you have a phobia of any sorts? (you don't have to tell what it is) Yes! I am really afraid of dead people.

#10. Do you think these questions are random, or do you think they have a point? They are random, but isn't that the point of tags? So they are random with a point! lol

I tag... anyone who wishes to do this! ♥

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