Sunday, October 3, 2010

An Autumn Fun Day!

Thank you for all of your feedback on my last post! I read every comment, and I think it's great how many girls are committed to dressing modestly! ♥ I also noticed today that I have 50 followers! Thanks so much! ♥

You can tell that fall is here-- at least where I live! Yesterday, it was a frigid 49 degrees outside! I haven't seen temperatures like that in quite a while! Despite the practically arctic temperatures, I had a really fun day! It all began at a local Apple Orchard which was having their annual festival. There were rides, a shopping area, and of course, delicious apple orchard cinnamon doughnuts and fresh cider. Mmmmmm. My sisters, cousin, friend and I all went on a rather dizzying, but nevertheless fun, ride to start out with.

It spun around and around in circles... and I tried to not be sick, all the while laughing and screaming with the girls!


Next came the bouncy house. It's surprising how tiring those things can be-- they really give your legs a workout!


Cold - but happy - friends!
{Hannah, Me & Erin}

After a while, we headed home and prepared our house for some youth group friends that were coming over. My friend, Erin, made some of the sweetest autumn banners, and we decorates with those. After decorating and cleaning, with help from our friends Erin and Elisabeth, we turned on some good Celtic music, and danced around the living room.


Erin and Elisabeth dance to an Irish Fiddle Tune!


When our friends got there, we had a fun night of Apples to Apples, sloppy joes, cheesy potatoes, and karaoke. Lots of karaoke.

Happy Autumn!!


  1. It really is lovely weather now that fall is here. =) I'm definitely loving it. ;) Happy Autumn to you too!!

    -- Taylor

  2. Sounds awesome! It's getting a bit chilly here even in Egypt! Just a bit chilly. :D