Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Reenactment Pictures

Here are a few more pictures of our costumes!
The reenactment is actually put on by a local museum, so my Native American costume was borrowed from the Museum. It has a Burgundy tunic, with a wool wrap skirt, a woven belt, and a pair of the most awesome moccasin/boots ever! I would love to just own a pair of those boots for everyday wear! They were extremely comfort
able, and warm... not to mention they looked pretty cool!


My creation


Erin's costume was crafted from costume pieces we both already owned. The skirt and shirt are mine, and the black vest and shawl are hers.

I did her hair by first curling it with a 3-barrel curling iron, which my mom bought me a few weeks ago. I absolutely adore the thing! It adds the most wonderful texture to hair, even if you are planning on putting your hair up afterwards. But I'll do a post about that later.



It was a very fun reenactment!In our scene, we are two students learning to read and speak English, as well as sew and dance! The reenactment is done like a tour. When a group comes to our portion, we (along with other students) have to read the Lord's prayer, and then do an old-fashioned country dance, while a group of (rather talented) musicians play the music for us! It is very fun!

Another girl (who I have met previously) was also an Indian, and she came up to me before and said "I'm surprised you haven't done this before. It seems like something you would be really into!" I agree. It is something I'm really into, and I would love to do more!


  1. Oh my Goodness Erin looks beautiful in that picture where she is holding that lantern. She should be a model with those kind of pictures!

    ~Hannah Rebekah

  2. Extremely wonderful pictures! AWESOME JOB!
    And I love that lantern too...

  3. Great pictures! I ♥ em!