Friday, November 5, 2010

3 Beautiful Hairstyle Inspirations

I am posting a few inspiring pictures of pretty hairstyles I think I might try soon. Maybe they'll inspire you to try something new as well!
I almost always love Selena Gomez's hairstyles, and this braid is no exception. One of the biggest problems I always run into when doing braids is what should I do on top? I love the carefree, loose look of this! I also love how the braid itself is really loose and a bit messy. It adds to the charm. :) (This is an example of a twisted, two-strand rope braid. You can find out how to do one here...)
Look at this beautiful half-updo. I would love to try this one!
I love Taylor Swifts updos... both curly and straight. You can get the same texture in your hair as she has in the first two pictures using a 3-barrel curling iron.


  1. I have always loved Selena Gomez's hair! It always done so pretty.

    ~Hannah Rebekah

  2. Beautiful! I love them all. =) Experimenting with new hairstyles is always so fun. =)

  3. I've always loved both the hairstyles of Selena and Taylor, they look fab.

  4. Experimenting with hair styles is so fun - I adore the first one of Taylor:)