Monday, December 20, 2010

30 Random Things...

My sister, Hannah, tagged me on facebook with this tag, but I decided to post it on my blog too. All you have to do is write 30 random things about yourself. I thought it was fun! Here we go!

1. I play with the "Bop-its" every time I go to the toy section of Meijers...

2. I am usually really, *really* bad at making waffles... and I have even screwed up waffles when I was using a MIX before... sad, but true. (as a side note, the last time I made them, I actually did it right! I was so proud of myself!!! lol)
3. I have caught a toaster and a microwave on fire

4. The first time I ever lit a candle was when I was 15

5. I hate the store Krogers... :b

6. I will be able to vote during the next presidential election,0.jpg
7. I am afraid of a lot of things, but the following four things are what I am most afraid of: Dead people, Car accidents, dogs, snakes

8. I have never eaten fish

9. I have been playing the piano for 7 years (I've had teachers off and on)

10. I have had 4 piano teachers so far

11. I ♥ Holmes County, Ohio

12. I would love to sing like Mandy Moore (I love her voice! Esp. on the song "Only Hope"♥)

13. I am wearing mismatched knee-highs right now... one is black and white striped, the other is solid black.

14. I have about $2.00 right now... (that's it.)

15. I love the show "I Love Lucy"

16. I want to be a writer when I am older

17. "17" is my favorite number

18. I saw the musical "Wicked"... (and it was AWESOME!!!)

19. I beat my mom in arm wrestling yesterday... my dad has never been able to... my mom used to arm wrestle all the boys in her high school, and they could never beat her either... so yes, I'm feelin' pretty special! lol

20. I love history!

21. I love the song "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina"

22. In my opinion, Ohio is almost always better than Michigan. There are a few exceptions, but this is a
generally true statement.

23. I like to draw with ink-pens

24. I am so excited for the new series we are going to be doing in Sunday School... We're going to be learning about cults.

25. I love singing. a lot.
26. I wish I could read minds

27. I don't really like the "Narnia" series... (please, don't shoot me.)

28. Harry Potter is way cooler than Narnia (see above...^)

29. I'm not big into facial hair on guys

30. I have never seen "Beauty and the Beast"


  1. #19 You beat me in MERCY not arm wrestling... and you were cheating, or I was letting you win. One or the other. LOL


  2. I loved reading this post.
    I agree with Narnia. Harry Potter is much more better ;)

  3. You and I sound alot alike. I don't like Kroger either, and I do not know why1:)