Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Carol Tech Week l Lots of Pictures

It's snowing outside!!!! December 1st, and snow has come!!! What should I do in honor of this most lovliest of occasions??? Design my new, winter blog design of course! So be on the lookout-- I hope to have my winter blog up and running ASAP!

This week is Christmas Carol Technical Week! Last night we had our first rehearsal in full costume.. that was a lot of fun!

When you're in a show, you have to wear a lot of makeup. Bright red lipstick and super bright pink cheeks are a must! We got ready at home, and I took a few picture of hair/makeup.

My little sister in her makeup with her hair done.

This picture kind of scares me... such bright makeup! lol
Meghan again... I don't think I got pictures of anyone but Meghan and I!

The stage is not 100% completed yet. The sets are rather elaborate, and take a few days to put together. I have been in this show for 3 years - this is my 4th - ( I have been in it every year since I was 12 ) and I still find the set to be so magical! It is such a thrill to be in full costume that first night at the theater with the set! We are only at the theater this week-- all our other practices have been at a local school -- so it is very fun to finally have microphones and be on the big stage and everything! I just can't wait for the 2,424 to be filled with theater-goers!
The stage and part of the house yesterday during practice.
The thing about tech week is they are working on lighting and sound, so the lighting in this picture is not right. This is a picture of me saying my line... I am in the center of the stage, wearing a red costume.
Mr. Scrooge meeting Marley.
Two friends of mine waiting backstage. Do you see the bridge in the previous picture of Scrooge? Well, the girls are sitting on the steps to the bridge backstage. It is quite a rickety old thing!
While we were waiting backstage, I spun around and then sat down, and my skirt poufed out! So my friend took a picture.
Waltzers waiting backstage. I love to take pictures of people waiting backstage. I think it appeals to me like Edgar Degas' artwork appeals to me. I like to see the behind-the-scenes.. the waiting and costume adjusting, the talking, and the cueing up.
Waiting to go on.
In the dressing room.
Adjusting her dress...

My sisters Hannah and Heidi in the dressing room
My mom (far right, top and bottom pictures) doing her part as the Charwoman.
The final scene... Mr. Scrooge is a changed man on Christmas Morning!

It is a lot of work to be in a show like this. We have to go to practices every night from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
We come home exhausted.
But it is worth it! It is so much fun!


  1. Looks like soooo much fun!!!
    I love the costumes, set, everything!
    I'd love it if we had something similiar here.

  2. How much fun. & So exciting!
    Have such a wonderful time performing. ♥

  3. It's snowing here too :)
    I love the costumes and hair!
    It looks like such a fun performance