Monday, December 13, 2010

* * Snowfall * *

here is something so mysterious about a snowfall. Snow is not an object that can be easily understood. Scientifically it is frozen precipitation which falls from the sky in intricately patterned flakes.

It is said no two snowflakes are ever exactly the same. As I look out my frosty window, I see great drifts of the white stuff piled everywhere. These drifts are comprised of billions of those tiny flakes. They cover the earth and houses and trees one flake at a time until they have painted everything white. So small are the flakes, and yet they cover so much! I feel special to think of the little snowflakes. They will only fall once. You will not ever see that unique snowflake again. Once they fall, they land and lie in wait. Waiting until they are shaken off and melted in the warmth of a house. It does not take long.

Some snowflakes-- such as the ones in the woods at the top of the trees-- are not disturbed until Spring. These snowflakes sit very quietly in wait. They are the old snowflakes, and they have much wisdom for the impatient young.

Once, the sky opened and dumped a fresh blanket of snow onto the earth from it's heavenly storehouses. One of the flakes, newly come, landed beside an old snowflake. "Look at me!" the young one cried. "I am beautiful and unique! There will never be another flake like I. What shall I do to show off my beautiful design?" The old snowflake laughed a tired laugh at this conceited young one. "Yes, you are beautiful and unique" he said, "but you will stay here until you are old, and then you will melt away."
The young snowflake was very angry at these words. He longed for adventure and glory. So when he saw a child passing by, he grabbed hold of it's boot. I am sorry to say the child was on his way inside, and the selfish snowflake melted very quickly when the child put his boots by the heater to dry.

Not all snowflakes are like this one. Most are very humble and are quite content to stay anonymous forever, even though they too are unique and beautiful.

I believe each kind of weather has a personality. For example, rain is always sad, and sunny weather is always happy. Tornadoes, earthquakes, and thunderstorms are all angry and full of tantrums and fits of temper. I have always felt snow to have a good, yet cold disposition. Like a mother who rarely smiles, but loves unconditionally, and always wants the very best for her children. Our dear snow uses her low temperature to bring about good for her charges. I have heard so many complain about the cold and the icy conditions of the roads. But they are missing snow's love!! You see, her cold prompts us to build cozy fires, bring out the blankets and war, comfy socks. We turn up the heat until we are warm, and we snuggle up close to one another.

Snow brings us together. She makes the roads difficult to drive on so we may have an excuse to just stay home and be together. And you can never fully appreciate a hot cup of cocoa, tea or a bowl of soup until you have felt snow's cold breath.
There is much more I could say about snow, but it is getting dark (it has been, earlier.) I will end with this, then; My dear snow, you can bring so much warmth into our lives with your cold. Fall like glitter from the sky.

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  1. Ah yes, I sort of miss snow. Living in the desert where I do, it never snows. Maybe once a year we will see a dusting on the mountains around us, but that's all. I'd love to see that perfect clean blanket all over everything when I look out the window. :)

    I just wanted to let you know that I have a new blog here on Blogger now, and I've just posted about learning Hebrew. You left a comment before when I mentioned this, very interested, so I thought I'd let you know that I'd posted more about it. Have you started learning any yet? I'd love to hear what you think.