Thursday, January 13, 2011

Butterflies and Soup

Totally inspired by this girl's flickr page... I don't think I have ever just gone through an entire flickr photostream, but this one is really really awesome. It makes me want to go take a bunch of pictures and slap butterflies all over them. seriously.

I can't wait for dinner tonight... Cheesy Ham and Potato Soup... Oh my. I love it. It's snowing and freezing outside, but inside, I'll be enjoying a nice bowl of soup... mmmm... {here's the recipe for amazing-ness in the form of soup}


  1. Those are really creative picture :). I love 'em too! Enjoy your soup... it sounds scrumptious *slurp*.

    Off to sign language class!

  2. Hi Allison! Your blog has been listed at :)