Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just A Quick 2-Point Post....

[ above: me being crazy the other day.]

I'm just popping in to say two things.... :)

Number 1. My blog was added to "Connecting Christian Bloggers", which I, personally, think is kind of cool. :) The reason I am mentioning this is so you will all go over there and look at the compiled list of blogs... there's a lot of them! Such lists are always valuable, especially if you're getting sick of the same old same old blogs, and you want some new reading material. There you go. :)

Number 2. I know it seems like I haven't been posting much lately, but I am in the midst of writing a post. It just seems like every time I sit down to work on it, I get distracted by an email from one of my friends from church...(we have been discussing Bible translations) and I always get distracted writing long replies to those emails... All this to say, I shall have a post up here soon. And I will hopefully be getting back into my blogging groove. ♥

1 comment:

  1. As your friend, I say this because I love you.....

    IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU GOT BACK INTO THIS!!!! Do you know how often I check your blog and see nothing new?! Every day, that's what!

    Congratulations on getting your blog added to that! It's so cool. I'd never heard of that before.