Monday, January 10, 2011

Pinterest... what art thou???

So, I kept seeing this "pinterest" thing everywhere, on all these blogs and stuff, and I'm like "What is this? Why on earth is everyone going so crazy over a website where you stick pictures you like on a board thingy? What's the big deal?"

Deciding that there must be *something* to it, I headed on over to pinterest website... and realized it's actually pretty cool. And I kind of want to join. And I realize I have basically been using my facebook as a pinterest of sorts... posting pictures of random stuff that I think is cool.

I'm like "eh. I'll give it a try!"

So I try to sign up.
But apparently you don't sign up on this website.
You have to request an "invitation".
how very elitist.

So, I have requested said invitation, and am anxiously awaiting the email which will allow me to join the ranks of the inspiring-picture-pinner-people.
This will be fun.

Here are some of my favorite pinterest boards, which kind of sold me on the whole thing. So yes.

"Hair" by Joy Cho [as usual, I'm sucked in by the images of pretty hair...]

Susan Peterson [pretty cool... there are a few iffy pictures here, so consider yourself warned. ;) ]

And that is all.

(Oh, and if anyone who reads this has a pinterest account, leave a link to your page in a comment and I'll add your page to mine once I get my account up and running.♥)


  1. sewinginthepast is my user name...pinterest is pretty awesome! :)

  2. Pinterest is pretty cool! You can find me here:

  3. Hi there! I'm not on pinterest bet it looks fun! I love that hair one. :)

    I wanted to let you know your sisters blog "Hannah's Corner" isn't accepting comments. At least, it wont work for me. Anyway, wasn't sure if you gals knew.