Sunday, February 6, 2011

Forever21 and the Greenbay Packers...

On Friday, my sister and I (along with our youth group) were invited to a friend's birthday party! We had a really great time sledding, playing "Catch Phrase", and just hanging out! I bought a gift for my friend from Forever21, and I thought I'd share the goodies here! (hint hint... I really love this stuff!!!)
Vibrant Beaded Necklace - $4.80
[this necklace will match everything...literally! and it's only $4.80! c'mon!!]
Vibrant Threaded Scarf - $5.50
[i have a scarf which i love that looks similar to this one... at $5.50, this scarf is an absolute steal!]

So there you go... two awesome gifts for about $10.00.... I seriously love Forever21.

Sooo..... tonight I am doing something I have never done before... that is, I am going to a Superbowl XLV party. I am not a sporty person... as a matter of fact, I had no idea that the superbowl was even coming up today until I got invited to the party.... ( for some reason, I thought the Superbowl was in November...) But I am actually very excited!

When people ask me what team I like, I have officially decided to say "Green Bay Packers"... for two reasons. Number one, the color shirt I am wearing today is green. Therefore, Packers it is. Second of all, all my friends (well, all my friends who actually care about football and know anything about it) like the Steelers, so just to be controversial, I am going to be a Packer's fan... ;) (by the way, aren't you proud of me for actually knowing what teams are IN the superbowl this year??? I'm on a roll!!!) I'm a cheesehead!!! lol (I just learned that's what they call Packer fans from my dad...)

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  1. Ooo, such a pretty neckalce and who could ignore the price?? =)