Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding!

Not to, you know, overwhelm you all with yet *another* post to add to the world of blogger about the Royal Wedding today... but I am a teensy bit obsessed, so bear with me. ;)

Oh my goodness... The Royal Wedding! It was so fun to watch!
(If you missed it, youtube it. It was great!)

The Dresses...
The Music...
The Prince...
The Veil...
The Trees...
The Cars....
The Carriage...
The Abbey...

I just loved everything.

And I'm feeling extremely inspired for my wedding someday. :)

First of all... the tree-lined aisle... This was probably one of my most favorite elements. It was just stunning. And I love the fact that they are going to plant them outdoors, so they will be a lasting memory of the wedding. How cool is that?

And her dress... I'll admit, at first I was a little disappointed. But after I took a second look, I realized it was perfect. It's classic, it looks great on her, and it really fits her personal style. And of course the train, though not as dramatic as Princess Diana's, was beautiful in its own right.

But her veil. Oh my word. I loved her veil. I loved it.

My sister thought it was weird how everyone wore white, including the bridesmaids. I disagreed. I thought it was sweet and very bright and spring-y looking. I especially liked the little girl's flower tiaras and Pippa's sprig of white flowers.

I also loved Prince William's pop of bright red with the uniform.

And then when the bride and groom held hands and said their vows... oh my goodness.
*thump thump, thump thump*
be still, my heart. <3

This wedding was beautiful.


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  1. I know I LOVED her dress....I want one just like it when I get married someday but the best part about the dress was it was modest and simply yet oh so lovely. :)