Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something New...

I have been seeing a lot of these "GIF" images on various blogs, and I think it's really cool! In case you are unfamiliar with GIF images, basically they are just a series of pictures which are put together and are played very quickly. If they are really well done, they may end up looking like a short video clip.

I really wanted to try a GIF out, but I didn't know what program to use. I google searched it, and I found a website that converts images to GIFs. I tried it out although I don't have any really great pictures for a GIF, I found a couple of pictures which I could use to test it out. Ideally, though, you really need images which are captured quickly and in succession... basically, think of how a animated movie is made. Animation is a series of images in which the subject moves only a slight bit in each image.

Here is one example of some cool gifs and here is another one....

Still, I think mine turned out kind of cool. :) You can try making your own GIF images here!

Gickr helps you to pimp your myspace
(Above: Lucas riding his new bike on his birthday)

pimp your myspace
(Above: Spinning outside on a rainy day!)

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