Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hair and Makeup Tutorials

I have this *thing* about hairstyles and makeup and fashion. It may or may not have something to do with the fact that I am a 16-almost-17-year-old girl. O_o

Anyway, I have recently found some blogs that are really great when it comes to the beauty tutorials, and I thought I would share the joy.

The first one is "My Yellow Sandbox". I just found this blog today, but I'm in love with her hair tutorials! (You can find all of them by clicking on the tab entitled "hair styles" on the sidebar...)
She has a ton of supercute hairstyles up there... love it!

Next up, "The Beauty Department". You may have already seen some of tbd's hair tutorials floating around on the internet (especially if you have a account). There's a lot of fun and informative stuff on there, including makeup tutorials as well... (plus they have a super cute blog design to boot!)

Lastly, if you're a bit more interested in makeup, check out "keiko lynn". I love her makeup ideas, and although I wouldn't wear them exactly as is, it gives me a lot of inspiration to adapt.


  1. I LOVE watching hair tutorials too. I always fail when I try them out on myself, though :P

  2. ^^^ssoooo true!!!I thought it only happened to me :)