Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"The River Flows In You" Piano Duet

Up there ^^ is a video of my favorite guy in the whole wide world and I playing our theme song, "The River Flows In You" By Yiruma... :) (Please tell me I'm not the only one who has theme songs...) You may or may not recoginze this song from the movie "Twilight". (I say that for those of you who watch Twilight. I have personally never seen it, but I thought it might be informative for some of you who will listen to this and then go "I know I've heard this song!!! Where is it from???".)

Anyway, we enjoy playing duets, but to date we don't have any *real* duet sheet music. (We're working on that.) So instead we do duets where one of us plays the treble clef and the other plays bass clef. In the video I just posted, I am playing bass and he is playing treble.

So enjoy watching. I know we enjoyed playing it. :)

(By the way, if you enjoyed that, you may also like another piece by Yiruma entitled "Kiss the Rain". I just found it today, and I didn't even get halfway through the song before I was frantically google searching for the sheet music...)

Ooh, and one more thing. That same really amazing guy up there got me a rose, and I took pictures of it. How sweet is that?



  1. Great job! :) Love that song. Never seen the movie either. My sisters and I love to play "duets" like that as well. :)

    Beautiful rose!


  2. Very pretty!! I have been trying to find or arrange a duet to this for a friend and luck yet but maybe we can do what you did. VERY pretty:)