Saturday, July 30, 2011

Glow Bowling, Take 2

So we went glow bowling again... (not with the youth group, though) and this time my sister video recorded our rather epic bowling chops.

Glow Bowling... Ahhh.. That wonderful sport. Where else can you go to find disco music, slightly broken and dingy vending machines, glowing plastic shoes, and circular weights which are flung down slippery lanes in attempt to knock down some pins and thus rack up points? Nowhere but at a Glow Bowl. Come on. You know you love it. :)

By the way, the best part is at 2 minutes 30 seconds, where my siblings undertake the task of extracting a bag of sour skittles from the vending machine. Truly a noble endeavor. ;)


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  2. Sounds like fun! I love bowling, but am not very talented. Your description of the sport is perfect! Thanks for posting!

  3. I really want to go glow bowling. You have a lovely blog :D
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