Friday, March 9, 2012

Blog Design - The Very Basics

I recieved the following comment on my blog:

Hey Allison...
I'm a newbie blogger, can you tell me what software do you use to design your premade template? And can you how us how you do it??

Well, I decided to change my blog's design... and created a tutorial to go with it. So here you go!

Step 1. Choose a simple, preset blogger theme.
(You can find these by going to your main blogger page, then clicking "design".)

Step 2. Go to a photo editing software and design a background pattern for your blog using their sticker tools and applying them to a solid colored image. (I used Make sure the stickers of your pattern do not extend off the edges of your solid image, otherwise you will end up with seams in your background once it tiles itself. Another option in this step is to just find a large image you like or find an existing pattern off of google. Blogger Design page also offers a wide selection of backgrounds.

Step 3. Back at the Design page on blogger, we see a button that says "background". Click it. It will take you to some blogger backgrounds you can use and will give you the option to upload your own. Click "Upload Image" to use your own... and upload your image.

Voila! You have a background.

Step 4. You can finish up your blog's look by tinkering with the fonts and adjusting your blog's layout on the Design page as well. You can create a header on a photo editing website just like you made the background, then just upload it by clicking "Design" then "Page Elements" then "Edit" on the Header portion of the layout.

Extra Tips For Blog Design

Add little extras such as a special signature at the bottom of your posts or a picture of yourself on your sidebar that ties into your theme (for example, my silhouette picture on my sidebar was edited with a little floral design which matches the floral in my background.) {{Read a great article about common design mistakes here}}

Another good idea is to have some sort of unifying design element throughout your entire blog design. For example, my blog uses the colors turquoise and red throughout, and I use these flowers "" incessantly throughout. lol I also use the font "Arial" for most of my text, and usually color it either gray or red. Unifying the blog design gives it nice flow, and makes it look more professional. Don't forget to match your other website accounts to your blog! This will "brand" your blog. {{You can read a good article on branding your blog HERE.}} For example, I matched my youtube account with my blog and changed my pinterest's profile picture to match my blog's profile.

That's pretty much it. Just explore the "Design" and "Page Elements" pages, and you should be able to figure the rest out. :)



  1. Oh my God thank you so much for responding my comment! You a nice girl really are. I'm always waiting your updates, try to decorate my blog as awsome as yours!!

  2. Hey is your customized fonts from

    if yes, there's no hope for me to apply it as mine. if not, tell me where you got it from^_^

  3. your blog design is adorable!! Good job!!