Friday, March 23, 2012

Butterfly Hair Accessory Tutorial

This evening, I am going to a Spring Fling Homeschool get together, and I wanted to do a little something special with my hair. I was scrolling through my pinterest boards yesterday night trying to find inspiration, and I happened across a picture that I had pinned a while back of a girl with a curly updo hairstyle with butterflies on it. I loved the way this looked... It's so springy, and perfect for a party! So I decided to make some butterfly hair accessories of my own. (And, of course, I documented the experience for you guys. :) )

First, my inspiration picture:

The Supplies You Will Need:

- Photographs of Butterflies
- Tracing Paper
- Drawing Pencils
- Watercolors and Small Paintbrushes
- Watercolor Paper
- Black Drawing Pen
- Scissors
- Hot Glue Gun
- Bobby Pins

Step 1: Trace your pictures of butterflies from the photographs onto tracing paper. Make sure you press firmly so it will transfer during the next step.
Step 2: Lay the tracing paper with the butterfly drawing facing down on top of your watercolor paper. Scribble on the back of the tracing paper to transfer the drawing. When you pick it up, you should have a faint outline of your butterfly. If you need to, you can lightly draw over these lines if they are too light.
Step 3: Paint your butterflies with watercolors, and outline them when they are dry with a drawing pen. Cut them out and hot glue them to your bobby pins, making sure you don't glue the bobby pin closed!

Anddd... you're done! I'm going to use this hair tutorial as my inspiration for my hair style.



  1. its beautiful.
    waiting to see it pinned on your hair, and the tutorial :D

  2. Thanks for putting this up. I wanted to make myself some the moment I saw them in your hair, but couldn't figure out how you did it......and now I know.

  3. Oh, this is wonderful! I wouldn't mind having those in my hair! I love the watercolor ones!
    I think you'd love to gawk at these as I do.
    They are Etsy websites that make such pretty hair accessories with pretties like butterflies and flowers and feathers. *sigh* Happiness... enjoy!

  4. what a lovely tutorial. both myself and my sisters will love this. Thanks for sharing.
    Rachel Hope >>

  5. Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award on my blog! Go to for all the information. Thank you! ~Sam