Saturday, March 10, 2012

Puppy Attitude

^^ That is Murphy... my Golden Retriever Puppy.

My puppy is a rat in dog's clothing. lol I took him outside to play for a few minutes this morning, then I decided it was time to go back in so I could do a few things... of course, he didn't like that and whined all the way inside.

Then I put him in his enclosure, and tried to give him a milk-bone, but he refused to take it. He just sat there being mad at me and wouldn't eat the milk-bone out of my hand. I set it down in his dish, and lo and behold, the second I walk away, I hear him over there crunching away on his milk-bone.


This dog's got attitude.

Of course, his cuteness factor makes up for everything...



  1. Your puppy is PRECIOUS!!!!!!! My sisters and I squeal like little kids every time we see pictures of him!! Oh, and we also watched the video. Murph is adorable. :) I wonder if he'd like our dog Jingles....


    p.s. THANKS FOR FOLLOWING ME!!! xoxo

  2. This pictures is adorable! Love it