Sunday, April 22, 2012

Am I the only one slightly confused by this new blogger look??

 Blogger has changed it's look, and now I'm kinda lost here... O.o I have to search for everything. lol

"If you can't scare them, give them something to root for." 
"Such as??"
"Young Love."
- Haymitch and Seneca Crane 

  Anyway, as a side note, I just got back from the homeschool convention, and my friend and I both bought some crazy stuff. I bought a toy bow and arrow, and she bought a toy knife. (I know what you're thinking... a toy *knife*?? Basically, it's a real knife/dagger that is incredibly dulled, so it's not super dangerous. And the arrows for my bow and arrow have rubber tips, so they're ok too.) So you may be wondering why we bought all this stuff...

  Well, that is classified information. But I can tell you we are brainstorming and seriously considering making our own little trailer for a popular movie that recently came out (March 23rd) and the title of which starts with a "Hunger" and ends with a "Games". But that's all I can tell you. ;)

  While we're on the subject of my "secret" project, I want to share a tutorial video for Effie Trinket's makeup. I enjoyed watching it. ;)



  1. hahaha wow... enjoy!!! i so wanna see it when you're done! lol


  2. You are not alone in your confusion! I tried to set up a blog using an older tutorial and...nothing matched up. HELP ME!!!!!!

    I loved the Hunger Games too! I can't wait to see your *trailer* for it! Super cool!


    P.S. Here is my blog. Please visit - it's only a few days old!

  3. I almost forgot! You should wear the Katniss braid! Here's a great tutorial. Can't wait to see your trailer!