Monday, April 2, 2012

Can I Have A Second Chance?

Whenever someone asks me what special ability I would most like to have, I almost always answer, "To be able to go back in time." I have only lived 17 years so far; a mere drop of water, I hope, in the bucket of life to come. Yet already I look back and, while wincing and shaking my head, recall many stupid mistakes I have made! Already, there are things I said and did I wish I could just hop into a time machine and go fix or take back. But, as a time machine sits idle on my list of things to invent someday, I realize there is another option; not the same as completely wiping out mistakes, but close. It's the bright beacon of light found in a second chance.

Already, I have received many of these, and I am so thankful for the patient people who give them. As I get older, I find more and more that I have many shortcomings, and make so very many mistakes, and often it is all I can do to just beg for another go. Sometimes, I just have to accept the fact that I messed up, take the consequences, and move on. But other times, like a character in one of the computer games my little brother plays, I am given a chance to bounce back up and try again.

Where would the world be without second chances? After all, we are all only human; flawed in our very nature and destined to fail at least some of the time. But don't second chances give us an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and succeed in the future?

Some may argue that often there are no second chances in real life. At times, this is true. Still others may say the promise of a second chance may cause reckless behavior- action before thought. This also may be true. But this should not change out willingness to give others a second chance. They will learn because, even with another try, there are often repercussions from the first. However, whether they learn or not should not be our concern. Instead, we should remember all the chances we have been given, and be willing to do the same for others. You can't try to find perfection where it is not, but you can help others on their journeys by giving them the opportunity to make right their wrongs and move on with a fresh slate .

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