Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Latest Movie *and* Prom Dresses

FINALLY I am able to post on my blog again! I've been wanting to post something, but our keyboard has been *ahem* out of commission... (SIX ;) year old brother + milk + keyboard = unhappy keyboard) But we were able to buy a new keyboard today, so here I am! *charming smile* ;)

Soooo... I've been wanting to post about two things. The first being the most recent movie my mom, sisters, brother, best friend and I have created. It's called "Picturesque". We are all extremely proud of it. The storyline was original; Mom, my friend and I all  bounced around ideas and tweaked and perfected until we came up with the final product... and then, even the final product had some tweaking that happened. (As in, we changed things AFTER we had already begun filming.) We filmed at two different locations on three different days. The scenes of "Joan of Arc" were filmed one day, and the scenes of the my sister Meghan watching Joan of Arc were actually filmed on a different day, complete with different weather conditions (J of A day: Sky was overcast and rainy - Meghan Day: Sky was bright and sunny.) and even slightly different locations. (Meghan's portion being filmed in a different section of the woods than Joan's.)

The editing was done using our iMac's iMovie program.

Oh, I should also mention this was created for our homeschool group's "Achievement Night".

So, without further ado... "Picturesque!"

The other thing I wanted to mention is that my sister and I are going to a homeschool prom the first week of June, and I am extremely excited about that! (I went a couple of years ago... you can see the post/pictures from that HERE.) My sister and I both borrowed dresses from some friends of ours, and I must say, I LOVE mine! :) But of course, I can't show the whole dress until *after* the fact, so I'm just going to post a teaser picture on here. ;) And of course, I'll post pictures ASAP after the prom. :)



  1. Looks gorgeous!! Can't wait to see it! I think that blue shade will look amazing with your big blue eyes. :)

    Love ya,

  2. p.s.

    and now i just finished watching the video. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! That was awesome!!!! You looked so pretty in your "tour guide" outfit, Alli!

    Meghan did a great job, and so did Erin! :) And of course everyone else. lol

  3. Amazing! Awesome job! (So glad you're back and posting, btw!)

    Can't wait to see the dresses!


  4. p.s. allison, lukey is 6. its hilarious that you and hans keep forgetting that, and i remember, and luke's not even my brother!! :)

    love ya,

  5. Love the movie! So lovely and imaginative. I loved the music in it as well!