Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Henna Tattoo

My sister, Hannah, and I had the opportunity to do something yesterday which I have ALWAYS wanted to do... We got to get small Henna Tattoos! I think there is something so interesting about Indian culture with their colorful saris, Bollywood dances and of course Henna, and I was so thrilled to be able to get some Henna done! We went to the library and a lady who owns a Henna business (she hosts Henna parties and does Mehndi for Indian Brides) did a design on each of us. I think I've found my dream job! :) lol The lady also gave us each a cone of Henna so we can do more designs later... I am seriously considering doing my entire foot.

 Some of the girls at my church asked me how it felt to get it done... Well, it pretty much feels like cold mud being put on your arm. You have to leave the mud-like substance (it's actually ground up Henna plant and water, I think) on for about 4 hours. It dries up in about 30 minutes, and over the next couple of hours it crack and falls off a bit. After four hours you can just peel off whatever is left on. (I told the girls it felt like pulling off a scab. lol) At first, the design looks orange, but by the second day it is a light brown color, and I was told it will get to about the color of chocolate. (Although, I am a bit pale, so I don't know how dark it will end up getting one me.) Also, it smells pretty strongly for the first day... it smells kind of like dried herbs or a Christmas tree. It's not a bad smell, just strong and earthy. But today I can't smell anything anymore. (I may just be really used to it, though. lol) 

The Henna will last anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks. So it's not permanent, in case anyone was wondering. ;) 

And... that concludes my Henna adventure. I can now cross that one off of my life's "To Do" list. :)

I added some extra pictures of Indian women with Henna below... What a beautiful tradition! 


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  1. Allison,

    wow, now I totally wanna get one!! What the lady has on in the picture is overkill, but I love what you got. :) Very Indian-ish, and kinda boho. love it!! :)