Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Snow White, The Huntsman, and Prom

I am such a lazy person... I hardly ever post on my blog. :P BUT I finally peeled myself off of the couch (ya right... with ACT testing coming up on Saturday, I haven't been sitting around too much...) to post because I have a lot of things I wanted to post about. So here goes.

So last night I went and saw "Snow White and the Huntsman". After reading multiple friend's excited statuses on facebook about it such as, "I must say that "Snow White and the Huntsman" is now one of my favorite movies!" and "It was amazing." and "I really did like seeing it.", I had very high hopes for it. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed. I think I may just have very different tastes in movies than most people, but I really didn't think it was that good. Kristian Stewart bugged the beejeepers out of me, which is not good considering she played the lead. :P I just felt she could have been a little bit of a stronger personality. Also, the costumes weren't really my cup of tea.

(Spolier warning for the rest of this review. ) During the scene where they are all in the fairy world, mom and I kept thinking the fairies should have magically transformed Snow's grungy clothes into a beautiful gown. It would have been a perfect opportunity to really showcase her as the fairest in the land AND just portray the powerful savior she was supposed to be! Instead, she stayed in her nasty old clothes...

Also, (and I already touched on this a bit earlier) I just feel like K. Stewart wasn't Snow White. She was  Kristian Stewart. from Twilight. pretending to be Snow White. and that is weird.

Mom put it best when she leaned over in the middle of the movie and said, "I feel like I'm watching Twilight!" Don't get me wrong, I love me some Twilight! (Well, at least the first three movies. lol) But honestly, those movies could have been casted better, just as this movie could have been.

Not to mention, the movie was predictible. I thought it was going to be like "Red Riding Hood" (which I L.O.V.E.D), but unlike RRH, the story line was pretty much "Snow White". There weren't any crazy twists that kept you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

Last complaint: The romance was awful.

Oh wait, I have one more. That nasty scene in the beginning... ummm, can I say uncomfortableee.

So ya, I give this movie 2.5 to 3 stars. Not the worst I've ever seen, but I probably won't ever watch it again.

In other news,  last week was our homeschool prom, so I can finally add some pictures on here! :) Below is a picture of my beautiful sister, Hannah, and I. :)

Hannah's hair turned out so well! I was very pleased. :) Mom and I both worked on it. We did a super curly side french braid, with a tiny french braid on the top.

We got to ride to the prom in a friend's 1970's Rolls Royce Limo! It was so beautiful. 

In the car, ready to go!

My friend, Erin, was prom queen! 
(She also rode in the car with us, by the way.)

This is half of our table. 

The other half. Hannah was also at our table, but she was taking these pictures, 
so she didn't make it in them.  

ANNNDDD my gorgeous dress! I truly felt like a princess. Mom helped me with my hair as well. I had some gorgeous crystals in it which I bought at Icing by Claires (because heaven forbid I buy anything at the regular Claires... that place has terrifyingly vibrant jewelry... but I love Icing. :) ) The shoes were a complete steal... I think they were about $11.00 at Payless. Score! 

I made this short movie of us at prom. What a night!

Dance till the stars come down from the rafters.
Dance, Dance, Dance till you drop. ~W.H. Auden



  1. YOU ARE SOO BEAUTIFUL! I love your dress and your hair and your makeup and your shoes... everything!! You LOOKED like a princess, Alli. :)

    Also, the video was awesome!! I'm so into dancing right now its not even funny, ('Shake It Up' anyone???) so I enjoyed watching you jam on the dance floor. :)

    Love ya,

  2. You girls look so beautiful! Love your dresses and hair!


  3. Love the Prom pictures! You are GORGEOUS. Truly.

  4. whats the song?