Saturday, August 25, 2012

Guess Which 18-Year-Old's Been Cruisin' The Town Like A BOSS??

Oh ya. That would be me. :)

As of Tuesday, I am a legal adult.
(That is a freaky thought, folks.)

And yes, I feel different. lol

One of these differences has been that I, as of Thursday, was able to get my driver's license. :D
So yes, I am, in fact, the 18 year old who is cruisin' the town like a BOSS.
Except I'm not really sure how "boss" you can be driving a conversion van... 

So yes, that's what's new with me. :)



  1. Congrats on getting your license! That's super exciting :D
    p.s. don't worry you will be might boss in your conversion van ;)

  2. Hahaha are you a safe driver???

    Oh wait, you almost hit Pastor Andrew's car last night....

    just kiddin. i'm sure you're an amazing driver!! soo proud of you!!