Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friend Interview! [[Corbin]]

Today I'm interviewing one of my best guy-friends... Corbin! Corbin and I have known each other for... well, it feeelllsss like forever ;), but I think it's been only two or three years. In that amount of time, however, my best friend Erin (you'll meet her next) and I have been able to successfully culture and refine this dude, as evidenced by the fact that we invited him to, and he ATTENDED and PARTICIPATED in a Contra Dance last week. (So proud. *sniff sniff* :')

I think our friendship with each other could be described as a best friendship simply because we aren't ever afraid to be ourselves. We talk about what we really think about. We laugh and have a good time together, but we always know if we need someone to seriously listen, we can go to each other. We've got each other's backs! 

When all three of us (Erin, Corbin, and I) get together, it gets crazy! Whether we're watching "The Hunger Games" (which Corbin says would have made him cry if Peeta would have died...) or just laughing for hours on end, you know it will be a good time with this pack! Like a quote I heard, "We are more than just friends... we're like a really small gang!" 

So, here you go! Meet Corbin. :)

-Three words that describe me: Challenge, I love a good obstacle. Comedy. one of my favorite things to do is make people laugh. Fitness...because I can't get enough of it.

- Family position: I'd rather not get into this... (lol, But now I'm really curious! - AP)

- Favorite thing about where I live: The friends I've made, by far! (Good answer... lol - AP)

 - What would I change: Nothing, God thought it best to make me like this, therefore this must have been the best way to make me.

- Best advice I've ever gotten: Probably to work hard.

- If I could go back in time and tell myself anything, what would I tell myself, and when: I would go back to the times when I was sad that we were moving to Ohio, and then tell myself about all of the awesome people I'd meet here. (I have very similar experiences myself where I just wish I would have trusted what God was doing in my life! - AP)

 - Define a "great life": One in which I am of the mental, spiritual, and physical level to trust God completely, with EVERYTHING.

- What do I want to be when I "grow up": A personal trainer, for sure.

- My best decision: To follow Jesus.

 - Do I have any crazy dreams: I don't think so...

- How I got saved: Well, after being brought up in a...mostly...christian family for 14 years, not really being a Christian other than in name only, I repented and started to take an interest in all that stuff that the people at church were talking about.

-What has God taught me recently: To trust in Him.

- What is the biggest struggle I face as a Christian: Probably wanting to handle situations on my own, by myself. I often forget to trust that he will handle it.

- What do I think is a big struggle for Christians: In our WORLD? I'm not sure, I would say the biggest struggle in America would be peer pressure/temptation.

Hanging out with Erin and Corbin on my 18th birthday!

- What I love most about my friends: My friends are not the kind that would pressure me in to doing things that I don't want to do.

- Favorite thing to do with friends: Well, some things that I love most about them is that they can take a joke for one (most of them, at least), and I can get a burn on one of them, they laugh about it, and then they return in kind...makes for some very funny times. None of them are the kind that would pressure me in to stuff if I didn't want to do it. (Do I need to call an ambulance? 'Cause you just got buuuuurnedddd...." ;) -AP)

- What I look for in friendships: Fun times and memories. Among the closer ones I would like them to hold me accountable for things that I did wrong, or talk to me about things that they think I did wrong.

- How I feel about high school relationships: Well, I do not think there should be any physical "relations" (with the exception of hugging, lol) until after marriage. I also think that people should take more time to see the qualities of a person before going into anything more serious.

- How I feel about relationships after high school: I guess I feel the same about relationships after high school too.

 - Do I want to get married: Yes. (Ten points for being concise! haha - AP)

 - Things that I look for in a girl: Love for God is required. But besides that I look for dignity, self-respect, A good sense of humor, maturity, kindness, and for her to be okay with trying new things.

- How my dream girl would look: Pretty, but in a modest, classy way.

-Something crazy or awesome I experienced: While in NC, me and my uncle were very close to being attacked by a bear. ( words... - AP)

Corbin, Erin, and I again. :)

-Have I ever met a celebrity: No.

- If I could meet any celebrity, which one would it be: Chuck Norris. Haha (...again... - AP)

 - Have I ever regretted doing something crazy: Well, while in the aforementioned bear-attack scenario, I was deeply regretting going fishing that day.

 - Most embarrassing moment: I'm really not sure... I once had my shorts fall down on me, lol.

 - Where I would like to travel: Hawaii. (Really? Huh, I don't think I would have guessed that. And no, I do not mean that sarcastically. lol - AP)

 - If I could have any skill or talent, it would be: Amazingly fast reflexes.

- If I could be on any TV show, it would be: Psych

- If I could star in any movie, it would be: The Expendables

- If I could star in any play, it would be: I'm not real big on plays, so none. (This answer makes me cry... We are going to remedy this, you realize? Seriously, I'm having you and Amanda over and we're going to go see a play. - AP)

Thank you, Corbin!

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  1. Hahahaha yes we need to go see a play now!!! lol I really enjoyed reading Corbin's answers - now I can't wait to read Erin's!! :)