Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Prom Dress Lament...

I interrupt my post series on my friends to complain to you all about my prom dress.
And hopefully get some answers.
If nothing else, it will be out of my system. lol

So here's how it goes. I will be going to the same homeschool prom as last year for my senior year of high school. (*sniff sniff* Can't believe I'm a senior!) But anyway, this will be my third time going. The amazing thing is I have gotten away with NOT buying a dress both times I went before. The first time I wore a white gown that mom wore to a dance back in the 80's. (I swear, it's not as awful as it sounds.) For last year's prom, I wore a blue (bridesmaid's) dress which I borrowed from a friend.

This year, however, is special. I decided early on I wanted to have *my own* dress, and I wanted it to be magnificent. I actually drew a fashion sketch of my *dream dress*. It turned out a bit like a Titanic-era styled dress with a low back, fluttery sleeves, blue fabric, and sparkly accents.

Obviously, a few things hindered the actual acquisition of this dress.
First, I don't think it exists anywhere because... I made it up.
Second, I have limited funds.

With this in mind, I realized I would have to make some sacrifices, and that's fine. I just wanted/want to feel like a princess on prom day.

Fast-forwarding to about three weeks ago... I was sifting through the racks at Goodwill, and I came across a blue taffeta ball gown for $5.00. It came with a garish jacket that looked suspiciously like something the evil stepsisters would wear in Cinderella, but the dress itself was very simple but beautiful. It was a bit too big, but my Great-Grandma is a retired seamstress extraordinaire, so I bought it with the hopes of doing some work here and there with Grandma's help and turning it into my dream dress.

I haven't taken a picture of it yet, but I will say style-wise it looks VERY much like this dress, minus any bling:

And the color is similar to the swatch below, only it's a bit darker, I think:

So I have my dress. For $5.00. Not bad, not bad at all. 

Now, here's where the complaining part comes in....  Not only will this dress be featured at prom, but it will also be worn for "Spring Formal", which includes a limo escorting my class from co-op and I to a fancy shmancy dinner and then a play at a fancy shmancy theater. I am SO excited for this event (for BOTH events!) but the stinky part is this one comes with a dress code. Namely, no strapless dresses. Furthermore, the dress must feature a strap at least 1" thick

So, of course, I think, "Well, that can be fixed. I'll just add...something... to the top and voila'!"

Uh huh. As I have found out, that is easier said than done. 

At first I thought, "LACE!", but I have found a few issues with this idea. First, white lace with dark blue is a bit harsh. Second, it is literally next to stinkin' impossible to find anything lacy to go with a prom dress. Seriously. Lace is in fashion right now. Everything is made out of lace. And yet I can find nothing, NOTHING I TELL YOU to go with this dress. 

Then I thought, "What if I take the fabric from the jacket and make it into...something..." This particular thought is still being developed. I just can't decide what, exactly, I should form the jacket fabric into. 

So here I am. I have a blue, plain, strapless, taffeta ball gown which needs to be modest-fied. Oh, and it needs sparkle.

Above all, though, it needs to be tasteful. I think I already mentioned this, but I want to look royal for prom/spring formal. I want my dress to be Princess-Di-Kate-Middleton-classy. I want it to be a work of art. And I want sparkle. 

So, any ideas??



  1. My input would be to find some dark blue organza/tulle type material and pin two big bunches of it as puffy cap-type sleeves. It would fit with the super-big-glamorness of the dress, keep things classy and non-tacky, but technically qualify as 'straps'.

  2. Hmmm, maybe you could wear that pretty gold sparkly sweater you had on Sunday.... that was really pretty... I dunno. I've never gone to a Prom or anything and I don't plan to... but would that work? Maybe. I don't know the fashion rules for this sort of thing... haha

    Good luck!


  3. O.K. What on God's green earth made you think that white lace is even an option? Black or the same shade of blue as your dress are the only way you're going to get away with lace. whatever fabric you choose to make your dress more modest, it has to be black or the same shade of blue as your dress.

    Amanda, I like where you're going with the sweater, but it was gold, and the dress would work best with silver.

    Allison, I like where you're going with cannabalising that simply horrid jacket. I'd have to think about that one more before giving my input.