Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Not Easy Being A Highschooler - Installment 1

Guess what? It is seriously not easy being in high school. While I am well aware of the fact that there are a million other people in the world who have it a lot worse than I do, 
I will say sometimes it's the little things that just make me go,
 "Any more of this and I will need psychiatric help." 

So here's installment No. 1 of It's Not Easy Being a Highschooler. *Cue theme song!*
This may turn out to be the only installment, but I decided to number it on the off chance that I end up writing another one.  Because I am far too lazy to go back and change the title to include the phrase "Installment 1". It's now or never.

Reasons why I emphatically repeat it isn't easy being a highschooler: 

Reason One: Ok, so if any of you have ever taken a debate class or debated or researched a debate or ever seen a debate or even watched the Presidential debate on tv recently (no comment.) you will understand me when I say DEBATE MAKES ME HATE LIFE AND QUESTION IF THERE IS SUCH A THING AS GOODNESS LEFT IN THE WORLD. Not gonna lie. I have seriously studied and studied and studied, and I still can't figure out WHAT exactly my value and value criterion should be for my Lincoln Douglas debate, which, by the way, is happening in exactly 11 days.
This wouldn't be soooo bad, except for the fact that (1) I have never debated before in my life and (2) I am debating against a boy who (3) HAS debated multiple times before and, I hear, is very good at it. Doesn't help a friend of mine told me that my first debate will probably be horrible because it's just the sort of thing that you have to actually do to learn. *UGH* So ya... I have been actually having nightmares about this and, (I'm ashamed to admit this) today I actually broke down in tears. I am not the type of person to cry about... anything, but this THIS debate has brought me to tears. Literally. And my great fear is that this is only the beginning. O.o

Reason Two: College. I don't really feel like elaborating on this, but all I have to say is if my actual college workload is nearly half as tough as getting everything together (including taking the ACT in exactly TWELVE days... day after the debate, baby! *Cue Panic Attack*) for college, well, you can dress me in yellow and call me a banana. Because this is ridiculous.

Reason Three: Dealing with myself. I've been having a thought weighing heavily on my mind recently, and that is... what am I doing to self-sacrificially love the people I'm around all the time?  I first thought about this specifically as it applies to boys, actually, just the other day. Like most 18-year-old girls, I'm all like, "OMW, He's soo cute!" and am just trying to find the guy who meets my checklist of perfection, which my bff Erin will tell you is crazy long and is pretty much impossible. In her exact words, "You're going to end up marrying a powerpuff girl!" But I was thinking the other day, instead of always trying to find someone who matches up to what I insist I deserve, what if I looked at my relationship with all my friends who are boys (and girls, for that matter) in a "How can I serve you?" sort of way. *Think Wal-Mart employee.* How can I develop a relationship with all of my friends that is deep and meaningful? In what ways am I bringing them down, and how can I change that so I'm bringing them up? I want to be the friend you go to for advice, not gossip.

So those are three things which have been keeping me awake at night. I hope you enjoyed.

Example A - My Younger Sis and I on Thanksgiving!
As a side note, I have been in a very vintage-y mood lately, and it's been coming out big time in my wardrobe. [See Example A] I just bought that pink-y shirt from TJ Maxx (My new favorite store) for... wait for it... $7.50!! WHAT? No!! OHHH Yes! I love it and I am thinking about wearing it as part of my costume for the play I'm doing with my co-op.

Which reminds me, I haven't told you all about the play... Well, I am rapidly running out of time here, but I will give you all a brief summary. (Or, rather, Wikipedia will give you a brief summary.) The play is called "You Can't Take It With You". Here's the summary:
Alice, the only relatively normal member of the eccentric Sycamore family, falls in love with Tony Kirby. His wealthy banker father, Anthony P. Kirby, and his snobbish mother, strongly disapprove of the match. When the Kirbys are invited to dinner to become better acquainted with their future in-laws, things do not turn out the way Alice had hoped.

And guess who is playing Alice.
Just guess.
ME! :)
Which is amazing and a little scary all at the same time, because I have to play I'm in love with a guy which could be kind of hard (it's actually the same guy I'm debating...) and I also have to fake cry multiple times, which is extremely hard for me. I guess I'll just think about debate and the tears will probably flow pretty freely...

Anyway, the show is set in the 1930's. There was a movie made with Jimmy Stewart as Tony Kirby which is really pretty amazing. The best part of the movie, however, is when Alice and Tony go on a date:

(Oh, and the other thing is I'm really bad at screaming. So this will be interesting.)



  1. I soooo wanna come to the play!!! And I've actually seen that movie and it was really good. (Of course, any movie with Jimmy Stewart is really good!)


    1. Yes, you will definitely have to come to the play! :D

      As a side note, what you doing up at 4:00 in the morning? Hmmm??? ;)

  2. I love the story of you cant take it with you, I think you will do splendidly.
    Its funny, I would be fine debating,It seems that there is always something being debated at my house, but I would be having a panic attack about that play. I'm not trying to give you any ideas.
    I laughed out loud when you said that you would be acting opposite the guy you are debating. Seriously too hard.
    But that says that you must be at least acquaintances ? Perhaps he will be nice and go easy on someone who has never debated.
    But I'm not sure how school works, being home schooled. Or was.
    Do you get graded or points on how well you do ? because i would freak put about that too.
    I Pray you have gods peace, losing sleep isn't fun, and being worried all the time isn't either.
    Blessings ~ Rachel Hope