Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Magical Time of Year

This is just a few second post as I take a teeny break from schoolworld.

There must be something about this time of year when it just feels like magical things could happen, because suddenly I feel the sudden urge to cut my hair in a 1950's style, wear fashion-forward sequin adorned vintage-inspired clothing, and take a luxury plane full of my family and closest friends across the pond to spend Christmas in Europe. And all the way we'll only play Christmas Music and 1940's big band on the plane, and we'll be served gourmet desserts. Doesn't that sound marvelous?

Or maybe I just want to be surrounded by twinkling Christmas lights, yummy holiday food, friends, and family; crafting special gifts, holiday shopping, and Christmas parties; holiday dresses, Christmas cards, and watching "It's A Wonderful Life. Maybe singing Christmas Karaoke, ice skates gliding, and snowflakes falling are just a kind of Christmas magic on their own. 


1 comment:

  1. Can I come with you on that plane ride to Europe???? You know I'll be sporting my bestest British accent, too! :)