Friday, November 2, 2012

More on "The Dress"

K guys... a few posts ago I started talking about my Spring Formal/Prom dress for my senior year of high school (Class of '13!). Well, I've thought and thought and thought about what to do about the dress (refer to the first post about it) and, after literally waking up in the middle of the night with sudden inspiration, I think I finally figured out what I'm going to do.

Now, tomorrow morning I have to get up semi-early-ish for a college tour thingy (But it's Saturdayyyy... *pouty face*) so I can't go into major detail here, but I *am* going to post the "before" pictures for you all, and a sketch of my plans.

It needs to be taken in a bit, but I am completely in love with the overall shape and color of the dress!

So there it is. The before picture collage. You may be like, "What?? Those are the before pictures??" to which I respond with, "Yes. I took them at night and my bedroom has bad lighting and my school stuff was all over the floor so I had to crop them like, a lot, so just be thankful you got the general gist of the thing and be happy." ;)

You may be wondering what the other pictures are in the collage. Well, I'll tell you. The picture of the necklace is an example of the type of jewelry I want to wear with my dress. I love the Princess Di-Sapphire type jewelry. Sapphires just so happen to be my favorite gem. They also just so happen to match my dress perfectly. I think it was just meant to be....

The picture of the sparkly button is from the jacket that came with the dress, which is a rather terrifying piece. It makes me think of an ugly stepsister... O.o However, I am thankful for it because it gives me some matching fabric to use as straps and other things, and it gave me some pretty buttons.

The jacket...

Now, on to my sketch of what I want to do to the dress. (The camera made it look funny, so I apologize.)

The Official Sketch!
I was inspired by the sashes royals often wear over their gowns. (Remember I said I wanted to look royal??)

...Sometimes I just wish we had royalty in America. Then I remember the Revolutionary war and realize my entire country is based on the idea that we DON'T have royalty, and I remember the speech I just gave on this very topic today... Regardless, I want to be a princess. :D

If you notice on the skirt in the fashion sketch, I'll be adding sparkle! (I. love. sparkle.) I am also strongly considering adding a crown (any thoughts??) and some gloves. Still thinking about that, though.

I guess that's all I have time for tonight... As Effie Trinket says in the Hunger Games, tomorrow is going to be "a big, big day!" :)



  1. Okay, sooo... I'm kinda in love with your dress... and you are flippin amazing at drawing!!! And you should TOTALLY wear white elbow-high gloves. There's just something so vintage-y and 'princess-y' about it. I loooove that you're going for a whole 'royalty' look!! You're gonna look gorgeous!!!! :) I can not wait to see the final result.

    As for my opinion on the sash, I'm not sure about that. But don't really mind what I say - its your dress for goodness' sake! Do whatever you think is awesome and what makes you feel beautiful. :)

    Love ya,

  2. p.s. and i forgot to say this but that dress with the jacket reminds me of Felicity's dress she gets for Christmas in the Felicity: American Girl Christmas book. haahaha Doesn't it?